The Free Sites...

Many home owners are taken in by the convenience and speed of seeking their home's value on the Internet.  There are plenty of web sites offering to fill that need.  Problems arise because none of these free web sites have access to the "sold" data which they absolutely must have to make an accurate value determiniation.  Only Realtors have access to "sold" data.  A recent test of the free AVMs on my own home showed that valuations are all over the place.  Here are the results, all taken on the same day - September 9, 2013:


  • Zillow ( Zestimate) - $509,809
  • Trulia - (Avg List Price) - $376,098
  • Chase Home Value Est. - $382,000
  • Bank of America Value - $419,000
  • Est of Value - $449,100
  • Yahoo/eppraisal - $430,995

The Real Deal...

Our brokerage has retained the services of a World-Class research firm out of Ft. Collins Colorado which pulls comparable sales directly from our MLS.  The data is the processed using regression analysis tools and predictive modeling to determine not only what your home is worth today, but how to price position your home in the market to sell within the next 90 days.


 Projected Pond+

Here's why you need to contact us directly regarding the value of your home.